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Jan 26, 2009 · These discussions are important, but there's a difference between a concrete case of 3.1 GPA/175 LSAT and 3.1 GPA/do I have a chance? The reasonable answer to each case has got to be different. The Leafs still have a mathematical chance at winning the Stanley Cup. But no one with an ounce of sense talks like it's a practical possibility.

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LSAT Scores LSAT 25% / Median / 75%: 155 / 158 / 160 GPA 25% / Median / 75%: 3.12/158 /160. Find Atlanta LSAT Prep Courses. 2019 1L Class: Completed Applications:1709 Offers of Admission: 475 Acceptance Rate: 28% Total Class Size: 244 Typical First Year Section Size: 83. Rankings: US News (2019): #55 Vault (2019): N/A. Tuition and Fees (2019 ...

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With a 2.5 GPA and a 160 LSAT score, you are almost guaranteed getting into four Texas law schools. Oh, and if you say but I have a 3.75 GPA and a 168 LSAT score – well, you are pretty much guaranteed entrance into all the Texas law schools, but maybe UT.

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What is the median LSAT/GPA? As of the start of orientation, the median LSAT of the fall 2020 entering class is 155 and the median GPA is 3.45. How are the LSAT and GPA weighted in the application process? The Admissions Committee weighs the LSAT and GPA equally; however, there are other factors considered. Your grades and grade trends are ...

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Maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA; Earn a 152 on the LSAT. It is recommended you take the LSAT by December of the last year of your undergraduate classes, as law school admissions and scholarship processes begin the following January. Test scores from later LSAT dates will be accepted as the admissions process allows.

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So, if you have an LSAT score of 160 and a GPA of 3.5, your admissions index would be: (160 – 120) + (3.5 × 20) = 110. Our Law School Reports, updated for 2020, have LSAT scoring data, admissions indexes, average GPA’s, salaries, bar passing rates, and other data on the top 150 law schools. The 10-Point Challenge

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