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This is one method of moving the front axle forward, and it is the cheapest method. It is common to do this to the front of Toyota mini-trucks since larger tires chew at the firewall/fender with the axle in the stock location. The center hole in the u-bolt plates must all be drilled 3/4" back to move the axle this way.

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A thru axle stiffens the suspension fork and allows for a more precise positioning of the hub, which proves particularly advantageous for disc brake systems. This version with a 12 mm thru axle allows riders of modern disc racers and riders of cyclocross or gravel bikes to benefit from the advantages of a hub dynamo lighting system.

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Quick release and thru axle parts. Classic quick releases have a lever and a locking nut. They thread through the front and rear axles into the hub body, which absorbs the load. They allow a quick and above all things tool-free removal of the wheels, which is particularly practical if you travel a lot by car.

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Hub Shimano MT500 9mm Quick Release or MT510 Thru Axle 142mm or MT510 Boost 12 x 148mm REAR HUB ONLY Reminder: This is REAR hub Only The solution Hub to be able to install 12 Speed Shimano MICROSPLINE Technology!

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The E-THRU axle hub system minimizes the distortion of suspension while maintaining lightweight for riding around sharp corners at high speed. An 8 mm thru-axle system for the trekking/hybrid hub and dynamo hub and a 12 mm thru-axle system for the rear are also available.

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Sep 30, 2019 · Cost: Description P/N Qty Cost('98) Comment ----- Knuckle Rebuild Kit 04434-60015 1 $92 Gaskets and shims Outer axle oil seal 90311-62001 2 20/pr. Optional Inner axle oil seal 90311-33085 2 12/pr. Recommended Steering knuckle Bearing 90366-17001-77 0-4 30/ea Dealer or rebuild kit Wheel bearing, inner 90368- -77 0-2 /ea Aftermarket cheaper Wheel bearing, outer 90368-45087-77 0-2 44/ea ... 15mm thru-axle QR’s offer all the benefits of the 20mm thru-axle design (stiffness!) + the benefits of the standard 9mm QR system (quick wheel removal!) without any of the down sides. The weight of the 15mm system is similar to the classic 9mm system (thanks to the lightweight alloy QR axle & reduction in fork leg weight) , but it is nearly ...

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