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Cryptococcus neoformans is a fungi and not responsible for the development of bacterial meningitis. The rest can cause bacterial meningitis. 2. Answer: A. Bacterial. Bacterial meningitis is the most severe form of meningitis. 3. Answer: D. All of the above changes. D: All of the options listed above are caused by bacterial meningitis.

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Microscopic exam – white count >1,000 cells/µL in >90% of patients with bacterial meningitis Neutrophils (typically >80%) usually predominate in bacterial meningitis Lymphocytes/monocytes predominate in viral and fungal meningitis – early viral disease may have ≥50% neutrophils, but shift toward lymphocytes/monocytes

For the synthetic sequences below choose the correct reagent for each reaction.

When someone has signs and symptoms of meningitis, significantly increased cerebrospinal fluid lactate levels suggest bacterial meningitis while normal or slightly elevated levels are more likely to be due to viral meningitis. The lactate test measures the level of lactate in the blood at a given point in time.

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Septicaemia, meningococcal and bacterial meningitis (see bacterial meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia) Service user experience in adult mental health services; Severe mental illness and substance misuse, coexisting (see coexisting severe mental illness and substance misuse: community health and social care services) Sexual behaviour, harmful

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Hib is one of only two vaccines that are more effective at providing immunity than natural infection is; the other is tetanus vaccine. Although the Hib vaccine prevents only one form of meningitis, it has nearly eliminated what was once the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in infants and children in the United States.

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1-9. SUSCEPTIBLE PERSON (HOST) A susceptible or non-immune person is one who has little resistance against a particular organism and who, if exposed to this organism, is likely to contract disease. By contrast, an immune person is one who has a high degree of resistance to the organism and who, when exposed, does not develop the disease. Leony Davies, Specialist Nurse at Public Health Wales said, “i would encourage all 17-18 year olds to get vaccinated as mixing with new people and living close together in places like university halls are known to increase the risk of the disease” Bacterial Meningitis is fatal in 1 in 10 cases and 1 in 3 cases who survive are left with life

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