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Bet - Draco x Reader Hi, I hope you guys like this! This went up sooner than I said it would, but I really liked this request… Let me know what you think!! :) Y/N - Your name Y/F/N - Your first...

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Apr 06, 2018 · Prompt fill: Loki x Reader Soulmate AU - Fire. OK anon I am sorry if this wasn’t quite what you had in mind, but I was poking at my Norse myth stuff again and couldn’t shift the occasionally drawn comparison between loki and logi, meaning “fire” and also I was inspired by this super amazing picture by @saygoodbye-not-thisday

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loki x reader masterlist, Writing for the Lonely & Lovelorn I am both of those things, but I'm also bored, so I'm writing reader insert fanfiction. Right now, I only have stuff for Marvel and Supernatural, if you have anything specific you want to know if I'll write for, you can ask me.

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22.06.2018 · Read Loki x abused reader from the story Marvel one shots and preferences by Jacknapierishere with 1,186 reads. avengers, fluff, comfort. Loki The Avengers glanced at one another. "Come on guys," Tony said, "Let's go save (Name)," "No," Thor interrupted.

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Description: (I’ll let the anon who requested it explain) “ Loki finds out that the reader is in an abusive relationship and reader has broken up with their abusive ex, but the ex won’t let reader leave so, reader is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and Loki comes in to help reader out.

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Read Loki x abused reader from the story Marvel one shots and preferences by Jacknapierishere with 1,220 reads. deadpool, avengers, fluff. You have been with t... See, that's what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Danganronpa X Reader. s. soulmates au for the sdr2 girls? maybe the one where what you write shows up on the other person's skin? for a female reader lol. thank you so much!

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