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3 Digit Addition Strategies. Movies Preview. remove-circle. movies. 3 Digit Addition Strategies. by. B. Meier.

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The Addition and Subtraction Strategies. The Split Strategy (AKA: Partial Sums, Expanded Form, Decomposition): In this strategy, students are breaking apart a number based on its place value and then adding or subtracting each individual place to find the answer. Once each individual place is found, then the expanded form is returned back to the standard form.

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and since no curriculum is teacher-proof, strategies to help teachers effectively use the cur-riculum are equally important. • Defining and assessing quality early learning has shifted to a focus on teacher-child inter-actions, child-focused teaching style, and content-driven classroom instruction in addition

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Get inspiration for Corporate Strategy Powerpoint Template. Browse through our huge selection of Create your presentation by reusing a template from our community or transition your PowerPoint...T1 U2: Addition & Subtraction (David Arthur) T2 U2 Addition & Subtraction (David Arthur) Mental Addition (Ashlea Taylor) Addition & Subtraction 1 (T2 Unit 9 Day 1 - 3) (Nanda Spinielli) Mr Big (Mental) Addition (Andrea Pattinson) Addition & Subtraction Using Rounding (3 levels) (Vicky Bing) DOC; Which Strategy is Best? (Naomi Hanlon) DOC

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Before adding your numbers, use one of the estimating strategies you learned to see what the answer should be close to. When you add, you can see if your answer is reasonable. Example: 28.9 + 13.31 Subtracting The addition properties do not work for subtraction. Estimate and subtract to find what the answer is close to.

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Maintenance strategies: This strategy responds to a range of factors including: your corporate image, condition and age of your buildings, lease period remaining, etc. Given these variables, it is important to fully understand your assets and to find the most appropriate balance between planned and reactive maintenance.

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