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Dec 19, 2019 · Sources for dynamic inventory information include public / private cloud providers, cobbler system information, LDAP database or CMDB (Configuration Management database). Ansible includes scripts that handle dynamic host, group and variable information from the most common providers such as Amazon EC2, Cobbler, Rackspace and OpenStack.

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Ansible online training program will begin with a brief setup and configuration guide and quickly move to a short survey of YAML, the simple English-like language used by Ansible for describing automation jobs.

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ansible-sn-inventory Ansible Dynamic Inventory for ServiceNow Python Apache-2.0 43 71 3 0 Updated Apr 30, 2020. LightHouse DocumentDB and ServiceNow

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For the purposes of this cookbook, Ansible is used to automate CM for Cisco IOS-based routers, but Ansible modules are available for other vendors gear and other utilities, including A10, Aruba ...

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Ansible Tower survey spec. Ask Question. Asked 23 days ago. I am trying to get information from tower surveys and running in a road block. I have the following code. - name: Gather all Job Templates shell: awx job_templates list -f human --filter 'Id' --all --survey_enabled true | tail -n +3 register...

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Ansible helps to automate all Linux task by writing playbooks, This guide will take through how to create a logical volume using ansible. In our last guide, we have seen how to manage user accounts using ansible. By following in this guide let us see how to create a new logical volume (LVM)...

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