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Unit 5 Chapter 7 Atomic Structure/Periodicity Unit 6 Chemical Bonding Unit 7 Liquids and Solids Unit 8 Kinetics Unit 9 General Equilibrium Unit 10 Acids and Bases Unit 11 Buffers, Ksp, Titrations Unit 12 Thermodynamics Unit 13 Electrochemistry AP Review Practice Quizzes

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Test Prep Chapter 13 - Ions in Aqueous Solutions and Colligative Properties 13.1 13.2 Test Prep Quarter 4 Chapter 14 - Acids and Bases 14.1 14.2 14.3 Test Prep Chapter 15 - Acid/Base Titration and ph 15.1 15.2 Test Prep Chapter 16 - Reaction Energy 16.1 16.2 Test Prep Chapter 17 - Kinetics Chapter 18 - Equilibrium Chapter 22 - Organic Chapter ...

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This site has a bunch of practice tests on all topics related to AP Chemistry. Each test has a difficulty rating along with a listing of the average amount of time required to complete the questions. These tests are multiple choice , but there are plenty that will ask you to solve stoichiometry problems or balance equations.

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Start studying AP Chemistry Chapter 10: Liquids and Solids. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Chemistry I - Students will learn the different types of bonding and how to predict which type will occur. We will explore ionic and covalent bonding through demos and videos and then work on hooking up ions to make and name ionic compounds. The chapter 4 and 5 test is also given as a final assessment. Alkali metal labs are due this week.

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AP Chemistry 1 Text: Section 6.1 (Complete in Class with Mrs. Gaines) AP Chemistry 1 Textbook: Section 6.2 and 6.3 (Complete Activity 6.2; Do not complete: 6.2 Review Questions) Mini Flame Test Lab; Beers Law Simulation Lab AP Chemistry 1 Textbook: Section 6.4 (Do not complete the following: 6.4 Activity: The Colors of Chemical Bonds)

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Chapter 10 Gases Lab #5: Determination of Molar Mass of Volatile Liquids Chapter 11 Intermolecular Forces, Liquids, and Solids Lab Activity: A Study of Adhesives and Biomimicry Lab #6: Separation of a Dye Mixture Using Chromatography Unit 7: Kinetics Chapter 14 Chemical Kinetics Lab #7: Rate of Decomposition of Calcium Carbonate

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