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from what i know, the atomiswave can handle anything....much more than the cps III. The only thing is that it renders everything in 3d, and CPS III is rendered on a 2d plane, so the ports tend to not be too accurate. But anyways, its problem not going to live up to any of the street fighters before it.

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Estimados, he intentado arreglar un problema que tengo con natomiswave, lamentablemente no he encontrado solución, el mismo problema lo encontre con Naomi y tengo entendido que ocupan hasta la misma Bios segun lo que encontre. los logs me indican lo sigui...

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MAME is a multi-purpose emulation framework. MAME’s purpose is to preserve decades of software history. As electronic technology continues to rush forward, MAME prevents this important "vintage" software from being lost and forgotten.

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De posse da bios do Dreamcast, o arquivo "dc_boot.bin" com o tamanho de 2.048kb, coloque-o na pasta "roms". Este arquivo deve ser garimpado na internet, assim como ISOs, e outras bios, como as da Atomiswave e Naomi. Executar o demul, a mensagem do passo 02, referente a falta de configuração, irá aparecer novamente. Acionar o OK. @kidcoltrane41 said in Naomi / Atomiswave problem: Im using the roms decompressed (they came decompressed) listed with .lst, .nvmem, .eeprom and .bin. Whether you make your naomi/aw appear in emulationstation or not, do not use the lst/bin format if you are not looking for issues. It is strongly recommended to use the MAME zip/chd rom format ...

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An offshoot version of the NAOMI hardware is Atomiswave by Sammy Corporation. After nine years of hardware production, and with new game titles coming in 2008 like Melty Blood: Actress Again and Akatsuki Blitzkampf AC, NAOMI is considered to be one of the longest running arcade platforms ever and is comparable in longevity with the Neo-Geo MVS.

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Demul is a rather good Dreamcast, NAOMI and, Atomiswave emulator. The NAOMI was an arcade cabinet board based on the Dreamcast. The Atomiswave was an arcade board based on NAOMI. It ran two of my three Dreamcast games well. There are sound glitches but the games were quite playable. The story behind Demon's Souls emulation is long and strange, but still quite interesting. It began when a user named Numan approached the RPCS3 team with an interesting conclusion on why the title had previously been crashing one second after booting: "because the game had been trying to allocate specific memory pages of different sizes, access levels, and different attributes."

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