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BKPF is the header table and BSEG is the line item table. BSID is the secondary index table for customer realated transactions. In BSID table most of the fileds avilable in BKPF and BSEG will be there.

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BSEG is the main table, but it not a transparent (One table in SAP=1 table in Oracle or the DB) table, so that reading it takes I am not sure whether or not BKPF fits into this category, or if it contains extra information not found in BSEG.

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Jun 09, 2016 · BKPF is the header table and BSEG is the item level table (?). It is a cluster table which has data from tables BSIK,BSAK, BSIS,BSAD, BSIS,BSAS. Difference between BELNR and DOCNR BELNR : Document Number / BUZIE Line Item

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BSEG-tax line items not summarized. 1025621. BUC: Posting without accounting principle. Euro chngvr:termtn: No Clusterblocks written for table BKPF. 489290. MIRO: Online different doc. number than after reorganization.

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FBAS : Financial Accounting "Basis". BKPF : Accounting Document Header. BSEG : Accounting Document Segment (line items). BSIP : Index for Vendor Validation of Double Document. TKVS CO Versions. TZB0T Flow types text table. TZPAT Financial Assets Management product type texts.

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Mar 16, 2009 · Related Tables BSID and BSAD 3. Account Payables - related Vendor All the MM related documents data when transfered to FI these are created Related Tables BSIK and BSAK All the above six tables data is present in BKPF and BSEG tables You can link these tables with the hlp of BELNR and GJAHR and with Dates also. 4.

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