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CCI Standard Primers come in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate a number of popular calibers. These primers come in a 1,000-piece box and are widely recognized as some of the most clean-burning primers on the market

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Unfortunately, since the bullet relies on the primer to be propeled forward, this ammunition can only be used in pistols and revolvers. It cannot be used in rifles, so if you were hoping to use this ammunition in your Ruger 10/22 or Marlin 60, unfortunately, you’ll be out of luck. 2. The Economical Option: CCI Blazer

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Reloading Primer. Essential to your reloading process, reloading primers assist with firing your ammunition by driving the bullet partway into the barrel. As with reloading powder, it's vital to choose primers for your specific firearm, whether it's a pistol, handgun, rifle or shotgun.

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Refine by Primer Style: Small Rifle Match Reset Quickview Champion Centerfire Primer .100. 100. $4.99 Available In-Store Only Type: Small Pistol; Bullet Style: ...

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I freely exchange Win 209, CCI 209, Cheddite and Fiocchi without any worry. I have never used Remington primers simply because I've never seen any for sale. People have told me over the years that Rem 209's are a "colder" primer but that's only hear-say.

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AWES/Wapiti--That Calhoon article lists the primer cup thicknesses and you'll find that the Remington 7 1/2, CCI 450 and the CCI BR-4 primers have the thickest cups. The CCI 400 has one of the thinnest cups, with the Federal 200 being a tad bit thinner than the CCI 400. That being said, from the looks of those spent primers, you do need to look ...

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