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Sep 09, 2012 · Internet Slang (Part Two) Beijing Standard Time PREMIUM We're following up our exploration of popular Chinese internet slang with a part two. Today's show features quite a variety of character-related wordplay and slang, from forum slang to similar sounding characters to strategies for getting around the GFW.

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Chinese mine; can be made of plastic Chieu Hoi the "open arms" program, promising clemency and financial aid to Viet Cong and NVA soldiers and cadres who stopped fighting and returned to South Vietnamese government authority. Chinook CH-47 cargo helicopter choi oi exclamation of surprise chop chop slang for food chopper

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Make sure you know exactly what the kids are talking about with our internet slang quiz. ... The Grand Tour in China review: Hammond car crashes, bad suits and Chinese saunas. 5.

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Check your internet connection, disable any ad blockers, and try again. Evening Edition: Fallout Increases For Rep. Swalwell Over Relationship With Chinese Spy.the Internet in China. Over the past five years, China Digital Times has built a wiki dedicated to “grass-mud horse language,” those words and turns of phrase Chinese netizens use in or-der to skirt censorship and discuss political and social issues. Our Grass-Mud Horse Lexicon continues to evolve as netizens

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Chinese Internet Slang & “Netspeak”. Chinese netizens enjoy playing with language. Chinese netizens enjoy playing with language. They make up new words, insert alphabetic and numerical abbreviations between the Chinese characters in their posts, write backwards and upside down to fool the censors, and trade catchphrases with wild abandon.

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As China enthusiasts and linguists discuss the future of Chinese characters, the country's youth are already well ahead, coming up with their own rich dictionary of online slang.Now, "NMSL" is ubiquitous on the Chinese internet. If you followed the recent meme war between Thai and Chinese netizens, you probably encountered the slang NMSL, an acronym for nǐ mā sǐle 你...

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