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Ich habe mir die B&W 603, DALI Opticon 6 und Zensor 5, Nubert NuLine 284, Teufel Definion, Quadral Chromium Style 6 und Lautsprecher von Canton angehört, die allesamt ganz hervorragend waren.

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DALI Oberon 5 Floor standing speakers All floor loudspeakers with a height of no more than 75 - 80 centimeters, in my opinion, deserve to be allocated in a separate category. Today there are few such systems on the market - especially if we talk about quite serious models on high-quality drivers of decent caliber.

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B&W DM 603 Floorstanding Speakers. DESCRIPTION. 7" Woofer, 7" Passive and 1" Tweeter I have an Outlaw 750 amplifier (165W x 5) and the B&W603s provide so much detail and clarity. I think you can buy better speakers at this price level .... (eg. Dali 104).

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Dali Opticon 6 - $3,236 - major improvement on the Oberon 5's which is really just a sideways movement from your Q3050's. The Q's should sound better in a larger room than the Oberon 5 but the Opticon 6 should impress. Kef Q550 - $1995 or Kef Q750m - $2795 or if budget allows KEF Q950 3.7.17 3 : Sulphides, Selenides, Tellurides, Arsenides and Bismuthides (except the arsenides, antimonides and bismuthides of Cu, Ag and Au, which are included in Section 1) 7 : Sulphides etc. of V, As, Sb and Bi

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