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The dipole antenna is one of the most straightforward antenna configurations. It can be realized with two thin metallic rods that have a sinusoidal voltage The length of the rods is chosen such that they are quarter wavelength elements at the operating frequency. Such an antenna has a well known...

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Antennas 1. For a dipole antenna (a) The radiation intensity is maximum along the normal to the dipole axis (b) The current distribution along its length is uniform irrespective of the length (c) The effective length equals its physical length (d) The input impedance is independent of the location of the feed – point [GATE 1994: 1 Mark] Soln.

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Chapter-2 Example 2.1 Write a MATLAB program to generate a few activation functions that are being used in neural networks. Solution The activation functions play a major role in determining the output of the functions. One such program for generating the activation functions is as given below.

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Feeding in-phase dipole arrays: a tutorial and a MATLAB program Abstract: Here, we revisit a textbook example of how to design a dipole array and its feed network. The effects of mutual coupling are taken into account, so that a desired set of in-phase excitations is fed to the antenna and radiated efficiently.

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Jun 03, 2013 · MATLAB-Based Electromagentics provides engineering and physics students and other users with an operational knowledge and firm grasp of electromagnetic fundamentals aimed toward practical engineering applications, by teaching them "hands on" electromagnetics through a unique and comprehensive collection of MATLAB computer exercises and projects.

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to a dipole antenna, an LPDA and a horn antenna. To increase the simulation bandwidth and retain an acceptable level of accuracy, the bandwidth is split into multiple sub-bands.

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