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Clutch Masters FX100 Clutch/Aluminum Flywheel Kit - E46 325i/330i, E60 525i/530i Organic friction disc for upgrade over OEM but with stock-like feel and behavior. Price: $945.00

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Engineer Tom Stanton is fascinated by the way in which flywheels can store up energy as they’re spun up to speed. In this clip, he combines a flywheel mechanism with a sturdy aluminum trebuchet, creating a durable machine that can toss a tennis ball at fast as 180 mph.

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Apr 21, 2016 · diy dual mass flywheel vectra, replace dmf vectra, Replacing a dm flywheel astra, z19dth clutch change, vectra dual.commass.flywheel, Do you need nrw bolts changing dmf, changing dual mass flywheel, dual mass flywheels, changing flywheel diy, change dual mass flywheel yourself, diy dual mass flywheel, tools needed to change clutch and flywheel ...

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Dec 06, 2012 · If you break the glaze on your flywheel with emery cloth everything whould be fine unless the flywheel is warped or cracked. I would get about 80,000 miles out of the clutch, whether or not the flywheel was resurfaced, but I dogged the hell out of that car- did a lot of dragracing.

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Sep 25, 2019 · Removing the rust from the flywheel can be easily done with the “poor man’s sandblaster”, a rotary wire cup/mop on the angle grinder. Readily available in sizes to fit most grinders, and cheap.

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