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The Drag coefficient. The drag coefficient is a number used to model all of the complex dependencies of shape, inclination, and flow conditions on aircraft drag. The drag coefficient expresses the ratio of the drag force to the force produced by the dynamic pressure times the area.

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CD drag coefficient CL lift coefficient D characteristic length FD drag force acting on the cylinder FL lift force acting on the cylinder fe excitation frequency fo natural vortex shedding frequency for flow past a stationary triangular cylinder L center-to-center spacing between two tandem triangular cylinders p fluid pressure Re Reynolds number

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The cylinder is hinged to the ground and kept vertical by a steel wire inclined by = 60∘ as shown in figure. Neglect any flow interaction between the wire, the cylinder and the ground. Questions: • Calculate the diameter-based Reynolds number and average drag coefficient of the cylinder; • The time-dependent value of the aerodynamic loads ...

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Three different polysaccharides, aloe vera, Tamarind powder and pineapple fibers, are utilized as drag reducing agents in a turbulent flow. Using a Taylor–Couette setup, consisting of a rotating inner cylinder, for measuring the drag reduction, a range of Reynolds numbers from 4 × 104 to 3 × 105 has been explored in this study. The results are in good agreement with previous studies on ...

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Oct 30, 2020 · Whilst the critical Reynolds number for turbulent flow in a pipe is 2000, the critical Reynolds number for turbulent flow over a flat plate, when the flow velocity is the free-stream velocity, is in a range from \(10^5\) to \(10^6\). \(^4\) The Reynolds number also predicts the viscous behavior of the flow in case fluids are Newtonian.

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This method relates pressure and skin friction coefficient to lift and drag coefficient. Drag is found over a small local element as a contribution of both pressure and shear stress; which integrated over the entire perimeter and dividing it by the characteristic pressure gives drag coefficient of the cylinder.

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