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Chapter 19 Electric Charges, Forces, and Fields 19.1 Electric Charges 19.2 Insulators and Conductors 19.3 Coulomb’s Law 19.4 The Electric Field 19.5 Electric Field Lines 19.6 Shielding and Charging by Induction

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The electric field of charge q 1 at Point P, depends on the amount of q 1 and 1/r2 where r is the distance from the point charge. We may come up with a formula for electric field ( E) as. E 1 = kq 1 / r 2 (1) E 1 is the magnitude of the electric field of charge q 1 at Point P. Again, k is called the Coulomb's constant.

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Coulomb’s Law and Electric Fields Electric Charge Electric charge is an inherent property of matter that makes it to have and experience electrical and magnetic characteristics. The effect of electric charge is observed when electronic devices are activated with the click of a switch like computers, cell phones, television.

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Electric Charge Electric charge is a property of tiny particles in atoms. The unit of electric charge is the coulomb (C). A quantity of charge should always be identified with a positive or a negative sign. Figure 5.4.1: The electrostatic force →F between point charges q1 and q2 separated by a distance r is given by Coulomb’s law. Note that Newton’s third law (every force exerted creates an equal and opposite force) applies as usual—the force on q1 is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the force it exerts on q2.

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Electric Charges (Historical), Polarization, Electric Force, Coulomb's Law, Van de Graaff, Great Demos Assignments Lecture 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: Solutions Lecture 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5:

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What is the magnitude of the Coulomb force, i.e. electric force, exerted on A from B due to the charges? (From free body diagram analysis) What is the amount of charges (do not worry it is positive charge or negative charge) on each ball?

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