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I was under the impression once the EWS sent the password and turned on the ignition and injectors that the DME ignored it and it shut down. I guess that is wrong for 3.3 but it was right for 3.2. You might want to look at the DME and see what it is saying about the EWS in live data.

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Description: This device can emulate for BMW EWS 2 and EWS 3.2 immobilizer (EWS module) in cases when old system restore is impossible (faulty EWS, lost or damaged transponders, continuous problems with rolling codes etc.). In case of EWS3.2 similar procedure is used, only difference is that...

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BMW EWS KLine: When connect EWS with CAS PLUG, choose this type BMW F-Series: This type can connect to CAS4 in BWM F-Series (PICTURE 4.1) Connect: Connect to CAS system. Attention: EWS don’t support this (see special note 1). After connect to CAS, there will display detail information in CAS identification (PICTURE 4.2). When you choose Auto ...

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Emuliatorius BMW EWS 2/EWS 3.2 - Emuliatorius leidžia atjungti imobilizatorių ir spręsti problemas be serviso. Prekės kodas: Emuliatorius BMW EWS 2/EWS 3.2 Prieinamumas: Sandėlyje. 22.00€.Hi guys Is there anyone around johannesburg that can help me to align the DME and EWS on my bmw e46 320d. I hade to recon my engine and now its telling me ews tampering and I need to get it going very soos.

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Aug 10, 2013 · If performing a standard CAS /DME alignment does not work, A later procedure is available. With late model (EWS 3 type onward) immobilizers, the tech must perform a three-step procedure. Using a dealer level scanner, carry out 1) CAS reset, 2)steering lock counter reset 3) reset the starter interlock.

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