When atoms share electrons equally the bond formed is called

concrete example of how a monomer and a polymer are related: monomer dimer trimer tetramer polymer The first step in this polymerization is formation of the dimer, which involves 1,3-cyclopentadiene acting as both diene and dienophile. This step occurs readily on heating, but slowly at room temperature. In subsequent steps,

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Nucleic Acids 1. Introduction. The first isolation of what we now refer to as DNA was accomplished by Johann Friedrich Miescher circa 1870. He reported finding a weakly acidic substance of unknown function in the nuclei of human white blood cells, and named this material "nuclein".

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Polymer Chemical Structure. The monomers in a polymer can be arranged in a number of different ways. As indicated above, both addition and condensation polymers can be linear, branched, or cross-linked. Linear polymers are made up of one long continuous chain, without any excess appendages or attachments.

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The monomers come together to form a very strong polymer that is used in bulletproof vests. Natural Polymers In addition to all of these man-made polymers, they can also occur naturally as well.

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into useful products. Thus, interesting chemicals and monomers for industry and medicine, compounds with a spe-cifi c useful pristine structure, resins, natural fi bres and oils (used as such or after adequate modifi cation), as well as polymers produced by bacteria, could replace progressively petrol-based counterparts. To take wood again as an

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Below are three examples of chemical reactions in which biomolecules are synthesized and degraded. For each example, decide which side of the chemical equation represents monomers and which side represents polymers. Then, decide which direction arrow represents a dehydration reaction and which represents a hydrolysis reaction.

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