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She is an F2 Savannah, meaning that her grandfather is a full African Serval cat. This was the closest generation to the Serval that I felt I had the appropriate facilities and experience for. Sandy changed our lives forever, and I will be forever grateful for that to her and to her breeders, Dale and Holly Hummel in Illinois.

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AVAILABLE - SETI - F2 MALE - MAGALIA, CA. Seti is an estimated 3-4 year old neutered F2 male Savannah currently in Magalia, CA. His former owners lost their home in the Paradise CA fire of 2018 that decimated that town.

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We are breeding for F2 till F6 generation and SBT Savannah kittens, first SBT generation will be F4 and beyond. We DON’T breed F1 Savannahs. Our Savannahs kittens will be available for approved pet or breeder homes and are raised in our house with all our other cats and dogs. All our cats are tested for PKdef and PRA, upon breeder request to ...

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The F2 savannah kitten prices range from $4500 - $7500 based on exotic aesthetic, size, intelligence, coat, ears and personality. All our kittens are raised with love and bottle fed up to 12 weeks of age. We have a Savannah cat cattery in Los Angeles, California and Miami, Florida.Savannah F2 Kitten suchen Ihre neuen Familien, ... Geboren 17.6.2020 elewa-savannah-cats Die Erste Savannah Katzen Zucht in Sachsen anhalt seit 10 Jahren. Wir sind ...

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For example, when a domestic cat is breed with a serval, the produced Savannah is known as a F1 Savannah cat. If this new F1 Savannah gets breed with another domestic cat, you get a F2 Savannah....

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F2 Neutered Male. He has been ADOPTED! Dom is a 6 year old neutered F2 melanistic Savannah. He has had a very lonely life. He was purchased from a breeder approximately 6 years ago. His first owner, felt she was allergic to him so she never touched pets, no hugs, nothing for 4 years!!! He was then surrendered to a local rescue. F2 savannah cat. Bewaard door Lindsie L. 6. Serval Manx Kat Thor Katten En Kittens. Meer informatie... Mensen vinden deze ideeën ook leuk ...

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