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I have a Honda CBR 600 F4I, the FI light has come on while riding. No rhyme or reason why and when it comes on. Now the bike won't start. Referred to the manual and tried getting codes by jumping the access port. The FI light does not come on in this circumstance. The manual says could be a ECM. Any ideas?

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After disconnecting the negative terminal for a few hours the light will stay off until I ride for about an hour. I've tried to get the codes but the bike will not throw any. It will not enter dealer mode 1 or 2. The fi light will just stay on forever and will not blink. I've tried google and nothing works please help...

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Dec 06, 2009 · i crashed pretty good at SoMo and did some damage to my wrist, so i started looking around at wrist braces. the 661 braces come in a soft style and a reinforced style. the soft ones have a thumb hole and i doubt they would work with gloves. i read some bad reviews of the reinforced ones, and they are a little expensive so i skipped on those.

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Jun 03, 2009 · I am a proud owner of a 2005 Honda CBR F4I. It has about 7900 miles on it. The bike is used almost every day for commuting about 5 miles in each direction. Fun ridding during the weekends The bike is well taken care of. Never had any problems, Oil is 2k miles old. Chain is clean. The "FI Malfunction" light came up, stayed on while ridding. FAQ Sign Up Login F4i ecu

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The Honda paint color code on all models and years is located on the driver side door jamb. The paint color code should be on the bottom of the sticker and can contain letters, numbers and even dashes. Honda Paint Code Examples: NH603P, NH700M, BG62M

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The codes are telling you that either one of those sensors is bad or there is a bad connection to one of those sensors. In any case, the FI module is detecting a fault. I have no clue where those sensors are on your bike, but I'd start looking for them and checking for a loose, broken, or bunred wire first and replacing the sensor second.

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