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The exact value of this velocity is dependent upon two factors: (a) The mass of the parent planet and (b) the distance from the center of the planet to the space vehicle. Escape velocity increases as the square root of the planet's mass, and decreases as the square root of the distance from the planet's center.

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Projectile Motion Worksheet 2 Factors Affecting Projectile Motion and exercises with solutions, … Projectile Motion Worksheet - TuHSPhysicsWiki UNIT 5 WORKSHEETS (Projectile Motion) Projectile Practice and Drawing Problem. PROJECTILES ON-LINE LESSON.

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3 independent sections: circular motion, projectile motion & relative motion R1; 1.1. CIRCULAR MOTION R1-10. types of situations covered by circular motion R1,2; 1.1.1. Uniform circular motion R2-4. what is meant by "uniform" circular motion R2; factors affecting acceleration: speed and radius of circle R2

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Twelfth graders investigate the factors that affect a projectile using computer simulation. In this physics lesson, 12th graders watch a video about the topic and complete the worksheet package that follows. They post answers to certain...

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I'm not sure that the values it generates are quite right considering that no matter what size I set the mass to the change in velocity remains the same when I'd expect it to affect the velocity quite a bit for infinitesimally smaller masses.

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In the absence of air resistance, both the vertical and horizontal components of a projectile's motion represent uniformly accelerated motion (i.e., constant acceleration). In the case of the vertical component, the constant acceleration equals that produced by gravity (-9.8 m/s2).

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