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Jun 15, 2018 · Our time speaking about FFXIV wasn’t just informative, but he was able to reveal the fates of so many things that players like me have been wondering about for quite some time. Let’s get started. I always like to break the ice when interviewing someone so, of course, I had to ask Yoshida definitively what his favorite race in FFXIV is.

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The main idea is to stick around FATEs either higher level than you - or simply a few levels lower. For a general rule of thumb: If you have to sync down for more than half the FATEs in your current zone, it's probably best to move on. Also a note, if this happens to be your first class you're ...

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In this Final Fantasy XIV video, I explain the Shared FATEs system, and how to use it effectively when first leveling up while doing the main story.Buy Final...

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2 votes and 15 comments so far on RedditAdvanced FFXIV hunt tracker with authentication, spawn predictions, maps, spawn information, statistics and more.

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Xiv Hunt Tracker Aug 11, 2020 · Coeurlregina is a giant coeurl with massive antlers. Coeurlregina is a Boss FATE consisting of a series of 3 FATEs introduced in Heavensward (3.0). Similar to Behemoth and Odin FATEs, all 3 parts of the series are hidden, meaning the FATE icon will not show on the map unless you are at the FATE.

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