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A directed graph is acyclic if it contains no directed cycles. We call a directed acyclic graph a dag . Sometimes, we want to find a linear order of the vertices of a dag such that all edges in the dag go in the direction of the linear order.

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A directed graph G is a pair (V;E)of finite sets, the verticesV and the edges E V V. It is a simple graph if it has no multiple edges or self-loops (edges of the form (v;v)). Let G =(V;E) denote a simple connected directed graph, and let n=jVjdenote the number of vertices (nodes), and m =jEjdenote the number of edges.

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• Instance: a directed graph G = (V,E), a set of edge lengths ℓ = {ℓ(e):e is in E}, and the starting vertex s • Output: for all vertices u reachable from s, dist(u) is set to the distance from s to u (i.e., the minimum, over all paths from s to u, of the sum of the edge lengths).

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ormore vertices. Since the vertex ofdegree twois distinctfrom all other vertices, it serves as a root, and so every binary tree is a rooted tree. Below are given some properties of binary trees. Theorem 4.10 Every binary tree has an odd number of vertices. Proof Apart from the root, every vertex in a binary tree is of odd degree. We know that

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Jan 03, 2020 · Floyd Warshall algorithm is a great algorithm for finding shortest distance between all vertices in graph. It has a very concise algorithm and O(V^3) time complexity (where V is number of vertices). It can be used with negative weights, although negative weight cycles must not be present in the graph. Evaluation. Space Complexity: O(V^2)

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The minimum possible value for the mean geodesic distance occurs for the central node of a star graph, a network composed of a vertex attached to n − 1 other vertices, whose only connection is with the central node. The central node reaches all other nodes in one step and it reaches itself in zero steps, hence the mean distance is ( n − 1) / ( n − 1) = 1 . 3. In a recent work, Chandran and Ram [5] relate the chordality with the number of minimum cuts in a graph (with positive edge weights). They show that if the chordality of a graph with n nodes is ...

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