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Flutter中TextField的输入类型通过keyboardType属性来设置,比如设置成文本、数字、电话、邮箱等类型例如如下代码限制输入类型为数字TextField( keyboardType: TextInputType.number, decoration: InputDecoration( labelText: "账号", hintText: "请输入...

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Like many Flutter developers, I lately faced this issue when dealing with a form that includes TextField or TextFormField. When these fields get the focus Please note that this solution only works when the TextFields are located in a Scrollable area. The solution relies on the use of the following 2 notions

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TextField works only with a single line. Edit: some precisions because seems like it's not clear. While you can set multiline to virtually wrap the text content It's a single line displayed into multiple lines. If you want to do something like this then you can't. Because you don't have access to ENTER button.

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Configures padding to edges surrounding a Scrollable when the Textfield scrolls into view.. When this widget receives focus and is not completely visible (for example scrolled partially off the screen or overlapped by the keyboard) then it will attempt to make itself visible by scrolling a surrounding Scrollable, if one is present.

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TextField( controller: _textController, keyboardType: TextInputType.number, ), Create an Expandable Multiline Textfield. By default the TextField displays only one line of text. The number of lines can be set by the maxLines property to a fixed value.

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