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199o Ford Ranger will turn over but isn’t firing. We’ve replaced the battery, positive battery cable, distributer, distributer wires, the cylinoid inside the distributer, starter cylonoid. I’m out of ideas and it’s driving me nuts!

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Truck runs but wont start with key 1 Answer. My 1989 ford ranger 2.3 wont sstaart with key. It cranks over no start but i can push start it and runsss great. New cyl. N starter. What could be the problom. Please help.

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Mar 30, 2007 · Engine Won’t Start Just Clicks. I have a Ford Explorer 4.0L Auto Trans with six cylinders. It will not start. Battery power is good. I hear a click when I turn the key. No attempt to turn over, just a click. Do you have any ideas? Morgan. Hi there Morgan, First thing, turn on the headlights and make sure they are good and bright.

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99 Ranger supercab 4.0 auto: Occasionally it is hard to start, turns over fine. I don't hear the pump prime the system the first time I turn the ignition on, so it's off and on a few times til I hear it prime, even then at times it acts like it's not getting sufficient fuel.Mar 11, 2007 · Ford has a fuel shut off switch, Some where in the cab of your ranger is that switch, once you find it press the button. If it presses down the fuel pump should work when you try to start it. Listen for the fuel pump when you turn the key on. The seatbelt dinger and all the buzzing usually gets in your way of listening.

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Testing a Cranks but Does Not Start condition on your 4.0L Ford Explorer (Aerostar, Ranger, Mountaineer) doesn't have to be hard. In this tutorial, I'll go into the basics of a no start condition and show you some of the step-by-step tutorials that'll help you get to the bottom of the problem.Ford Ranger / B-Series :: 2001 - Turns Over Great But Will Not Start After New Plugs And Wires 2001 Ford Ranger 4.0 - 250k miles had the original plugs and wires .... First things first - I changed them one at a time and confirmed the truck started and ran after each one was changed.

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