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Parking brake and drum brake adjustment and diagnosis. Chris Newell 299.039 views5 year ago. Parking Brake Adjustment (Montero Sport) | How to Adjust Hand Brake. Noah's Garage 8.222 views5 Daily Driver 21.261 views1 year ago. 25:11. GM Parking Brake Pad Change / Adjustment...

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Jan 30, 2011 · The master/booster should be coming from ECI, in the stock location, and yes a power booster would be nice!! The problem is I have a hopped up I-6 (235) with Fenton headers, and the headers and pipes made it impossible to use the stock parking brake, so it had to be removed and i would like to use something in its place.

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brake pedal applied, press and hold the shift lock button (B) on the left side of the lever and select the desired gear. Reverse — Press and hold the shift lock button on the left side of the lever and move the lever forward and then left to shift into Reverse. Neutral — Move and hold the lever forward for 2 seconds to shift into Neutral.

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Video showing how to change and adjust the parking brake pads of a GM vehicle. Performed on a 2002 GMC Sierra.Adjustment must never be performed at parking brake pedal or transfer module! Observe correct routing and guiding of parking brake cables! Actuate foot operated parking brake lever 5 to 7 teeth, wheels must be fixed. In case wheels can still be rotated, parking brake must be adjusted.

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And what you want to do to adjust the parking brake is put a flat tip screwdriver into the hole with it just about at 12 o'clock. At that point, you can spin the adjuster wheel up, so you want to start off with a down and lift up and do it a couple of times just like this.

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Jan 20, 2011 · With the parking brake off, I pulled the cable rearward to pull the cable as far as it would go, as in the instructions prior to adjusting the parking brakes( after you manage to get half the rear end apart). This let the parking brake pedal go to the floor with no resistance. A low brake pedal that has to be pumped repeatedly to bring a vehicle to a stop may be due to a low fluid level, drum brakes that need adjustment or If the pedal feels "soft" or "spongy" instead of firm, there's probably air in the system. This will require "bleeding the brakes" to remove air from the lines...

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