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Feb 18, 2016 · LoRa/LoRaWAN tutorial 22: OTAA and Uplink Demonstration With The Things Network - Duration: 13:18. 11,618 views

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I can compile/upload the code in the default Arduino IDE, but not in Visual Micro. I've tried choosing all relevant options for board libraries (Hoodloader16u2 and Hoodloader2 Uno, the Uno option works properly in Arduino IDE) but no luck. I did create a board.txt file and add "vm.ctags=false" because that did pop up in the output at one point.

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Here is a quick tutorial on how to get an LED strip working with an Arduino. 3d ... 16u2 Bootloader to reprogram 16u2 + 328/2560 with Arduino IDE - NicoHood/HoodLoader2.

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[Nico] has been working on the HoodLoader2 for a while now, and the current version give you the option of reprogramming the ’16u2 with custom sketches, and use seven I/O pins on this previously overlooked chip.

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HoodLoader2 is a CDC BootLoader with self reprogramming and Fast USB-Serial function. An Arduino Uno/Mega board has two Microcontroller of which one (16u2) is normally used for USB-Serial translation. But we can also use it as standalone AVR Microcontroller with (or without) USB functions as well.

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Once upon a time there was Atmel. In living memory of "AVR vs PIC holy war" Intro: A programmer in need is a programmer indeed! This badge is an Arduino as ISP programmer with wireless programming for AVR microcontrollers. It works with Arduino IDE and it can program ATmega328P/8A, ATtiny84/85, ATmega32A and other AVRs through SPI.

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