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Installing the PHPMailer using Composer If you don't have composer yet, you may use this link to download the latest version. 1. Create a folder of your app, in my case I've created my app inside htdocs folder of my xampp and name it phpmailer. 2. Create a file named composer,json inside your app folder and put the ff. line inside it. This will ...

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WPINC . '/class-smtp.php'; $phpmailer = new PHPMailer(true); $phpmailer->clearAllRecipients(); $phpmailer->SMTPAuth = true; }*/ if($type == 'test-mail'){ $data = $wpdb->get_row($wpdb->prepare("SELECT name, value FROM $wpdb->guiform_options WHERE id = %d", $this->_id)); $sendTo = array($data->name); $row = unserialize($data->value); $row = array_map('trim', $row); $html = "<strong>".

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I also had this problem sometimes when I have my labels variables in another file, and those labels should have a template literal. I this cases I usually use a workaround to simulate this behaviour (take this code as a guide :D )

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The PHP mail() function usually sends via a local mail server, typically fronted by a sendmail binary on Linux, BSD, and macOS platforms, however, Windows usually doesn't include a local mail server; PHPMailer's integrated SMTP client allows email sending on all platforms without needing a local mail server. Steps to install PHP 5.x on Windows as a development machine: 5. How to install Apache 2.x web server on Windows: 6. How to connect two different versions of MySQL server on the same computer: 7. How to configure MySQL server 5.1 on Windows: 8. How to install MySQL server 5.1 on Windows with screenshots: 9. How to upgrade from PHP4 to PHP5: 10.

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What is PHPMailer. Sending Email With PHPMailer and SMTP. How to install PHPMailer. To send emails with PHPMailer and SMTP, you need to install PHPMailer and configure SMTP settings first. 10:00 amJuly 29, 2020 Lawrence. I have a site where I have set up a bootstrap form, this was...

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Jul 24, 2015 · Step 1: Download and Extract PHPMailer Library: Download PHPMailer under your project or /var/www/html, you may change this location as per your need. Follow below step to download and extract PHPMailer: require("phpmailer/class.phpmailer.php"); require("phpmailer/class.smtp.php"); $mail = new PHPMailer(); $mail->IsSMTP(); $mail->SMTP_AUTH = false; $mail->Port = 25; $mail->Host = ""; $mail->FromName = "[email protected]";

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