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How to factory reset in Windows 7 or 8.1. In Windows 7 and 8.1, click the Start button, search recovery then click Recovery. This will bring up the recovery program. Click Advanced recovery methods and then Return your computer to the factory setting.

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I'm in a pickle, or rather my car is. I recently had a Inspection l and ll performed in connection with an MOT. However since this there have been some unexpected side effects, which I cannot explain and I need some help. l): Upon starting in the morning after car has sat for more than 2 hours...

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The measurements can be manually reset using the iDrive controller – just select ‘My Vehicle’* from the main menu, ‘Driving information’ and then ‘On-board computer’. In addition to the standard on-board computer information, your BMW also includes a journey computer. HOW TO RESET COMPUTER ON BMW AND CLEAR CODES FROM EVERY COMPUTER If you have BMW and you want to reset ... How to reset BMW oil service light without special (expensive) tool - E30, E34, E36, E39, Z3, X5, M5 by DutchRingRacing Enjoy!

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E36 – BMW 318i and BMW Z3 with M44 produced from January 1997 E36 – BMW 328i produced from October 1995 E36 – BMW M3 produced from March 1996 E38 – BMW 740i/iL and BMW 750iL produced from May 1997 Complaint: The ‘check engine lamp is illuminated, and one or more of the following faults are set in the Engine Control Module (DME):

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They charged $25 + $2.50 shop consummables. It took the guy 1/2 hour between the diagnostic work & the test ride, I guess that is fair. I wish there was a way to reset it, but BMW does not want "lay persons" working on their high tech stuff. The shop guy told me that BMW gives the dealer the computer to use. _____

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