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Mar 05, 2016 · 3. Flux. I like to use paste flux for lead work and I'll talk about why later on. 4. Flux brush or Q-tips. 5. Paper towels or cloth rags. 6. Ventilation. A good quality fume extractor such as the Hakko 493-10 Smoke Absorber, or plenty of open windows and doors. The fume extractor is best.

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Using another clean straw, draw up some acetone using the finger-over-the-end-of-the-straw trick. Put in about 1/2 as much acetone as paint. Put in about 1/2 as much acetone as paint. Again, ONLY put the acetone at the very bottom of the jar--not on the sides of the jar.

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Apr 26, 2018 · Discover these tips and tricks on how to vape safely so you can continue to enjoy your vaping experience. 1 Charge Your Device with the Manufacturer’s Charger Although it might be tempting to charge your vape with any charger you have laying around, it’s best to stick with your manufacturer’s charger that came with the device. Each glass joint is made with a 3 pinches at the end of the pipe making a screen to help stop herbs from pulling through, but still allowing great air flow. All glass joints are packaged in super durable, smell proof, paper tube that can be re-used as a carrying case for the pipe.

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Mar 04, 2019 · Step 3: Submerge the entire tip. Most thermometers have an easily distinguishable tip—it may have grooves or be slightly smaller than the rest of the probe. To accurately test temperature, this entire probe needs to be in your meat. If the tip isn't readily defined, submerge your probe about ½ inch. Step 4: Measure multiple times

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Similar to a pre-rolled filter tip, these nifty little devices are sealed at both ends and filter the smoke as it passes through. To use these filters, place them at one end of you joint before you roll it up, and that's it. Just make sure to place the filter facing the correct direction. 4) Glass Filter Tips

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