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Icom IC-765 Service Manual. This is the full 115 page manual: Six (6) 11"X17" Board Layouts; Four (4) 11"X24" to 11"X36" Schematics / Diagrams; Printed on 28 lb paper; Comb Bound; Card Stock Covers; Protective Clear Plastic Covers

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Icom has stated that all IC-765's were made with plastic trimmer capacitors [From: Bill, WA9MXQ], although the DDS LPL trimmer on some units is ceramic. How- ever, Adam (VA7OJ/AB4OJ) thinks that later radios came with ceramic HPL VCO trimmers and recalls that his s/n 29xx IC-765 did. 2.6 Serial Numbers and Dates

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3-4:1 matching and is reasonably quick and has presets, the IC-765 has a very different micro-processor controlled tuner that is slightly faster requiring no memory presets but tunes similar SWR.

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The IC 765 is relatively easy to work on and has plenty of room to manouvre, it has a excellent build quality and a great appearance with twin digital VFO's and a 1 hz readout, bandstacking register, 99 memories as opposed to 32 on the IC-761, a great multi-fuction analog meter, electronic keyer with full and semi breakin..

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The IC-765 has been ICOM's flagship HF-radio for many years. The IC-765 has 4 IF stages (69 MHz, 9 MHz, 455 kHz, 9 MHz), built-in power supply (PS-35) and automatic antenna tuner (AT-150) and comes with 500 Hz CW filters ( mounted from the factory. Optional 250 Hz CW filters (FL101 and FL53A) are also available, as is the FL102 6 kHz AM filter. Don't forget to check out my photos of the IC ...

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Icom (426) Icom Antennas (14) Icom IC-706 (17) Icom IC-720A Parts (42) Icom IC-745 Parts (12) Icom IC-751 Parts (99) Icom IC-760 PRO Parts (50) Icom IC-765 Parts (50) Icom IC-775 Parts (3) Icom Marine (32) Icom Microphones (94) Icom Other Parts (7) Icom Power Supply (7) Icom Speakers (8) Icom UT Boards (26) Icom-7000 Parts (1) Johnson Company ... U6143 Icom IC-765 HF Transceiver . This is a Very Beautiful Icom IC-765. It works flawlessly. Includes original box, manual and power cord. Comes with our 30 Day in store warranty.

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