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Radio: Required Software: Cable. O/S: IC-F3: CS-F3: OPC-478. IC-F3s: CS-F3: OPC-478: IC-F3GS: CS-F3G: OPC-478: IC-F3GT: CS-F3G: OPC-478: IC-F4: CS-F3: OPC-478: IC-F4s ...

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Presuming everything is connected correctly, your program should upload without complaint. To test if it’s working, plug an LED up to ground and pin 0 with the appropriate resistor, and observe it blinking. Note that 0 here will be physical pin 13—not pin 2 as depicted in the counterclockwise ATtiny84 pinout in the above figure.

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The channel change up and down buttons (when pressed together) lock the other buttons (except PTT and Vol), if you hold the top button for a few seconds the squelch opens and the lower enables scan. Programming is done via the mic/headphone socket and you can use the same cable is you would use for a UV5R or BF-777/888.

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The yellow wire connects the RXD pin of the MAX232 to pin 20 of the programming cable. The black wire connects the TXD pin of the MAX232 to pin 19 of the programming cable. After connecting the programming cable the radio will go into programming mode after pushing the on/off button. The radio doesn’t show any sign of this! HKN6184C HKN6184 - Motorola OEM Programming Cable APX MotoTRBO XTL5000 O5 "USB" -- USB port to control head via through the GCAI connector on the front face. XTL5000 High Power, XTL 5000 with 'O5' Control Head XTL2500, XTL1500, PM1500 and MotoTRBO Mobile Series XPR 4500, 4550, 4580, 4300, 4350, 4380, 5350, 5550.

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And, you will need the RLN4853 Adapter Cable if you are flashing using the programming cable with the RJ45 connector on it. The pinout of the RLN4853 flash adapter cable can be found here . The RLN4853 Adapter Cable is a passive cable used to make connection to the mobile Professional Radio when the radio is to be programmed or flashed via the ... With the optional OPC-1939 D-SUB 15- pin ACC cable, the IC-F5023H series can be programmed to control an operating channel from an external device (up to 16 preprogrammed channels). The ACC connector also provides an ignition sensing function, external PTT, PC command, horn honk, audio output and modulated signal input depending on programming.

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