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wavelength of maximum absorbance by FeSCN2+(aq) . One point is earned for the correct answer with justification. (b) A calibration plot for the concentration of FeSCN2+(aq) is prepared at the optimum wavelength. The data below give the absorbances measured for a set of solutions of known concentration of FeSCN2+(aq). Concentration (mol L−1)

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NOTE: The initial concentration of FeSCN2+ is zero. How to find average deviation: Find the absolute value of the difference between your five 5 Keq Step 1: Plot your known FeSCN2+ concentration of your five reference solution across the x-axis. These concentrations can be computed via simple...

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K eq = [FeSCN 2+ ] [Fe 3+ ][SCN − ] n To find the value of Keq, which depends only upon temperature, it is necessary to determine the molar concentration of each of the three species in solution at equilibrium. You will determine the concentration by measuring light that passes through a sample of the equilibrium mixtures.

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Determination of Keq for FeSCN2+ Lab Explanation Video ... The reaction of iron (III), Fe 3+, with thiocyanate, SCN–, to yield the colored product, iron (III) thiocyanate, FeSCN 2+, will be studied and its equilibrium constant determined using a Vernier Spectrometer. This will require that first a graph that relates the concentration FeSCN2+to its i – [FeSCN 2+] eq. Substituting the relationship from equation 5 for [FeSCN2+] eq, gives the resulting equation 3+ 3+ eq i A [Fe ] = [Fe ] εb − (6) Similar statements may be made about the thiocyanate ion. Letting [SCN–] i represent the thiocyanate initially added to the system, then it can be written that [SCN–] i = [SCN –] eq ...

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According to Le Châtelier's Principle, if the equilibrium of a system is disturbed by a stress, the system will shift to compensate. When a chemical system is at equilibrium, there is no net change in the concentration of its reactants or products.

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