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Listen to what your car is telling you by learning about the possible causes of common car noises. Cars produce an array of noises. From the sound of your tires gripping the pavement to the revving of your engine when you accelerate (unless you drive an electric car), most of these noises indicate a perfectly functioning vehicle.

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Acceleration is the name we give to any process where the velocity changes. Since velocity is a speed and a direction, there are only two ways for you to accelerate: change your speed or change your direction—or change both.

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Shifted the car into neutral, but the car still made that noise when I pressed on the pedal at that spot. The noise only starts when I accelerate at a different speed if I got 20 or even more it will started making the noise I am really afraid if I don't get the noise fixed.

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Jun 26, 2019 · I have a 2014 Silverado LTZ (very high milage - 219,000) Runs great and still has some power left under the hood. For the most part, it is in great shape. It have a strange noise when acceleration or getting up to about 3 or 4 thousand RPM.

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The Jetta's standard engine provides decent acceleration from a stop but feels underpowered when accelerating to higher speeds. Both transmissions perform well; the manual is engaging, and the automatic is smooth and refined. The Jetta GLI has impressive engine power.

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F = acceleration force (N) m = mass of car (kg) Example - Acceleration of Sports Car. A sports-car with mass 1000 kg accelerates with acceleration 5 m/s 2. The force required for the acceleration can be calculated. F = (1000 kg) (5 m/s 2) = 5000 N = 5 kN. Acceleration Work. The acceleration work can be calculated as. W = F l (4) where . W ... When accelerating my car makes a winding kind of sound, what could it be? My car has 83000 miles. This may be related to a variety of things that are driven by the serpentine belt that may correlate to the acceleration, however the most common noises resembling a whining sound are a...

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