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4. After etching, the sample should be rinsed in hot water, followed by an alcohol rinse, and should then be dried under hot air. (Note: an al-cohol rinse can dull/wash out a stain etch.) Sam-ples with cracks must be thoroughly dried to pre-vent bleeding. 5. If additional etching time is required, the specimen should be re-rubbed for a few seconds

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So who is to say that coffee, tea, or Coca Cola for that matter, will not produce something you like. Give it a try and let us know. I have learned, through experimenting, I like to develop my hamon slowly only etching for 30-45 seconds at a time then I polish with the cotton wadding (thanks Mr.Kimmi) clean then etch again until I like it.

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It is used in that way but Coffee is acidic so it should be capable of etching. There again it may be slow but it should work. I have never heard of using it for a hamon but there is always a first time. Etch Rate R The film thickness being etched per unit time. R has significant effects on throughput. Etch Uniformity Variation of etch rate throughout one wafer, multiple wafers or multiple batches of wafers Selectivity S The ratio of the etch rates between two different materials Anisotropy A Etching directionality A=0, isotropic; A=1, anisotropic

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Laser Etching & Engraving Etching and engraving are the main laser processes used to produce markings onto parts and products. Using a fiber laser system, permanent markings can be etched and engraved onto most metals. The only exception is stainless steel, which requires laser annealing. The most common etchings and engravings are data matrix codes, barcodes, logos, serial numbers and ...

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