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>Maimoto being perverted is a meme, and in terms of romance he's basically castrated due to bad IRL experiences with woman. Isn't he fucking Subaru and/or Uimama for real tho Anonymous Wed May 6 04:32:17 2020 No. 23700352 As many of you know from experience, Hololive has grown immensely overseas due to a multitude of factors including Covid, YouTube recommendations, and translations becoming popular, such as Fubuki’s Im Scatman video, Matsuri’s Band-aid video, Miko’s GTA N-word video, etc.

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Shirakami Fubuki is a virtual fox girl endorsed by hololive. One day, her friend, Natsuiro Matsuri, asked her to come to play a tabletop role-playing game with other hololive members. However, the game turned into reality, Fubuki and her friend being involved in a different world and losing their memories.

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/jp/ - vtubers e atelier - ==Virtual Youtubers general!==Comentem quem vocês acompanham, quais são as suas favoritas. Postem seus vídeos favoritos, fanarts, notícias, comentários, enfim, qualquer coisa relacionado às Vtubers.Atualmente uma boa fonte de informações sobre toda

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