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"I Can Calculate the Mean Absolute Deviation for a given Data Set and use the result to describe the Variability of the Data." Below are Extra Practice Resources with Answers. Related Files

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This lesson explores the use of box plots and the mean absolute deviation to compare two data sets and draw in. box plots, mean absolute deviation, inference

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5. How does the mean change if you add a number to the data that is exactly equal to the mean? Explain. It does not change. Possible explanation: If you add a number greater than the mean, the average is greater. Add one that is less, the mean is less. So, add the same number and the mean remains the same.

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Answers# % 1)a)%min%=%37.3;%max%=%75.9%%%%%b)%38.6%%%%c)%63.95%%%%%d)25%e)17.7 % % 2)a)range=8, !!=3,!!=6,!!=7,!"#=4% %%%%%b)range=80,!!=16,!!=40,!!=68,!"#=52% %%%%%c ... Mar 26, 2018 · Mean deviation : Here you find the the value of mean.. Mean is the average of various data points.. Now we tend to calculate that what is the deviation of each data point from the mean.

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interquartile range, since a change in any value will affect it Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) or Mean Deviation (MD) The average of difference of the values of items from some average of the series (ignoring negative sign), i.e. the arithmetic mean of the absolute differences of the values from their average . Note: 1.

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Standard deviation is the most popular quantitative measure of precision and is measured relative to the mean . The mean or average , , is calculated from: Where N is the number of measurements and x i is each individual measurement.

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