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Get the new tool for easily renaming your RSN files to the full game names: renset v.0.6 from December 4th, the last dat file update is from January 11th. SPCRen, the tool for renaming single SPC files into a custom file name scheme, has been updated to version 3.2 on October 17th.

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Download a Winamp plugin that plays NSF files (NES music files). Then you need to goggle for NSF files Set your audio output to the diskwriter (WAV output for instance) and dump the music to WAV...

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NSFs are basically NES ROMs with all information aside from the music engine and music data stripped from the file. Basically, they're tiny files with all the music from a game in it. There are tons of players available online, but the best I've found is NotSoFatso, a Winamp plugin. NotSoFatso is available here:

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Drag the NSF into G-NSF's window and it should start playing in Normal mode. Deconstructing NES Music using Famitracker.This is an NSF importer for FamiTracker. It works by embedding an NSF player into FamiTracker and inspecting its internal registers at 60 frames per second, recording this data into a FamiTracker...

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For example, the NES is a much more primitive with audio and the music is handled by the CPU itself whereas the SNES has got the SPC700, an APU. For this reason, you can't directly convert a NSF to SPC. As such, you want to get the song's note data (i.e. convert the NSF to MML), modify it for AMK and then insert it to the ROM.

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NSF stands for Notes Storage Format. The file extension of NSF is .nsf which is easy to recognize. The file extension is supported by IBM Domino Server as well as IBM Lotus Notes. It is capable to hold crucial databases of IBM Lotus Notes including emails, contacts, design information, user data and appointment. May 26, 2018 · The files on that page, Nintendo Sound Format (NSF), are playable in most NES emulators and some standalone players like NSFPlay, one that I really like. The information in an NSF file is the actual program code from the game. 2.2K views View 1 Upvoter

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