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For questions 11 – 14, determine if the lines are parallel, perpendicular, or neither. 11. 10 x + 5 y = -5 and y = -2 x + 6 12. 4 x + 5 y = 10 and 5 x – 4 y = 28 13. x – 3 y = 15 and y = -3 x + 4 14. y = 5 and y = -1 For questions 15-18, write a linear equation given the point and slope or two points.

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Given the line 2x - 3y = 6 a) Write an equation of a line parallel to that line through the origin, (0,0). (The form will be y = mx + 0) b) Write an equation of a line perpendicular to that line through the origin,(0,0). (The form will be y = mx + 0) c) Graph the three lines.

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Use their slopes to determine if two lines are parallel or perpendicular. The lines are parallel. The slopes are equal. 90°; the lines are perpendicular. - __1 parallel –1 Module 19 975 Lesson 5 19.5 Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Essential Question:How can you find the equation of a line that is parallel or perpendicular to a given line? DO NOT EDIT--Changes must be made through "File info"

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When the equation above is balanced and all coefficients are reduced to lowest whole number terms

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Nov 02, 2009 · Worksheet #6 - Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Author: Janki Mody Created Date: 10/28/2009 6:24:39 AM ...

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Example 1 – Parallel vs. Perpendicular Lines Given a point and a line a. What is the slope of the line? Parallel Perpendicular b. What is the slope of any line parallel to the given line? c. Write an equation of a line through the point and parallel to the line. d. What is the slope of any line perpendicular to the given line? e. Prove the slope criteria for parallel and perpendicular lines and use them to solve geometric problems (e.g., find the equation of a line parallel or perpendicular to a given line that passes through a given point). INTERPRETATION OF OBJECTIVE - G.GPE.B.5 . This objective is looks at parallel and perpendicular lines on the coordinate grid.

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