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1. In figure 2.18, y = 108° and x = 71° Are the lines m and n parallel ? Justify ? Solution: Given y = 108˚ x = 71˚ If lines m and n are parallel, then angles x and y are supplementary. [Interior angles test] Here x+y = 71+108 = 179 ≠ 180. So angles x and y are not supplementary. Angles x and y fail the interior angle test for parallel lines.

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Worksheet 3.2 Parallel lines and Transversals This is important work, and has quadratics in it. 3 2 Worksheet on Parallel lines updated 2013.pdf 192.76 KB (Last Modified on September 23, 2013)

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Unit 2 - environment. Pg. 129, Ex.1 (G1) - Choose the best answer to complete the... Do you know whether she's coming to the party? I wonder where they put the keys

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Parallel Lines and Transversals Project (1st) Name: Directions Parallel lines and transversals worksheet answer key. In the diagram above this property tells us that angles 1 and 2 sum to 180circ. Similarly with angles 5 and 6. This particular article aims to educate the task aspirants with the appropriate technique to prepare unique career winning

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special angles pairs formed by two lines cut by a transversal Relationships Between Lines and Planes . When two lines lie in the same plane and do not intersect, they are . parallel. Lines that do not intersect and are not coplanar are . skew lines. In the figure, ℓ is parallel to m, or ℓ || m. (symbol)

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Parallel Lines and Transversals Date_____ Period____ Identify each pair of angles as corresponding, alternate interior, alternate exterior, or consecutive interior. 1) y x corresponding 2) y x alternate exterior 3) y x corresponding 4) y x consecutive interior 5) y x alternate interior 6) y x alternate exterior 7) y x alternate interior 8) y x If two lines are cut by a transversal and the interior angles on the same side of the transversal are supplementary, the lines are parallel. In addition to the 4 pairs of named angles that are used when working with parallel lines (listed above), there are also some pairs of "old friends" that are also working in parallel lines.

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