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1-57. nursing implications associated with viral hepatitis 1-58. nonviral hepatitis 1-59. cirrhosis 1-60. dietary management for the patient with cirrhosis 1-61. nursing implications for the patient with cirrhosis 1-62. portal hypertension and esophageal varices 1-63. gallbladder disease; section viii. diabetes. 1-64. definition 1-65 ...

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It not only enables a differential diagnosis by demonstrating the site of obstruction but also confirms the diagnosis of portal hypertension, provides information concerning the status of the involved vessels, and indicates the presence of anomalies.

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Liver cirrhosis can be diagnosed with liver imaging (CT scan, ultrasound, MRI of the liver), Fibroscan®, liver biopsy and more, according to the Centre for Digestive and Liver Diseases (CDLD) at Singapore General Hospital. All types of cirrhosis have similar signs and symptoms, which are manifestations of impaired liver function and the venous congestion that occurs with portal hypertension. Alcohol-related cirrhosis may have additional manifestations such as cerebral degeneration and demyelinating neuropathies that are thought to be a direct result of the toxic ...

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Nursing MCQ Alterations of the Digestive Function The most common clinical manifestation of portal hypertension is ... A client has a nursing diagnosis of ineffective ...

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Chapter 51 Hepatic, Biliary Tract, and Pancreatic Dysfunction: Nursing Management MULTIPLE CHOICE 1.A child care worker complains of flu-like symptoms. On further assessment, hepatitis is suspected. The nurse realizes that this individual is at risk for which type of hepatitis? 1. Hepatitis A 2. Hepatitis B 3. Hepatitis C 4. Hepatitis D ANS: 1 Hepatitis A virus (HAV) is spread through the ...

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