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PostgreSQL is is installed as Mayan's backend database Adminer administration frontend for PostgreSQL (listening on port 12322 - uses SSL). Nginx configured as reverse proxy for Mayan WebUI. Webmin modules for configuring PostgreSQL. Note: as of v15.0 build of Mayan-EDMS appliance, Mayan now uses environment variables to provide config settings.

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November 2020 update: The pull request got merged on Knex and you can now natively do upserts and find or create actions using Knex. Here's an example: Find a user, update the name if they exist, otherwise create the user 👇

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Tip 3: Inserting current_timestamp value into timestamp(0) column Create table stats ( record_time TIMESTAMP ( 0 )); Whenever we try to populate the current_timestamp value into this column using

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Jan 16, 2020 · docker run --name [container_name] -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=[your_password] -d postgres. The command tells Docker to run a new container under a particular container name, defines the Postgres password, and downloads the latest Postgres release. Confirm your PostgreSQL container is now up by prompting Docker to list all running containers with ...

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PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, is one of the most popular free and open-source database management systems. As indicated by popularity rankings, PostgreSQL is still gaining more fans. Last year it gained more users than one of the market leaders—Microsoft SQL Server.

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store103.close = new TimeSpan(21, 30, 0) Console.WriteLine("Store is open now at {0}: {1}", Date.Now.TimeOfDay, store103.IsOpenNow()) Dim times() As TimeSpan = {New TimeSpan(8, 0, 0), New TimeSpan(21, 0, 0), New TimeSpan(4, 59, 0), New TimeSpan(18, 31, 0)} For Each time In times Console.WriteLine("Store is open at {0}: {1}", time, store103 ... NOTE: CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is an alias for the NOW() function. They can both be used to set the default of a timestamp as the current date and time. Notice how CURRENT_TIMESTAMP doesn't use parentheses while NOW() does. This has to do with keeping certain functions compatible with SQL standard.

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