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Provided software is pretty much what I've come to expect out of these things - worthless. It's standard Windows only and/or .Net code which might be possible to get building via Mono. DRControl (google it) happens to work if you're using python. It's FTDI, so rolling your own shouldn't be too much effort.

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Uso de los controladores FTDI D2XX con Python de Raspberry Pi en el raspbian soft-float ¿La Raspberry Pi 2 modelo B v1.1 tiene un RTC interno? desaparecido

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If you don't have python (usually pre-installed), you can download it from or install it from your package manager (sudo apt-get install). Install the FTDI D2XX drivers . NOTE: The latest version is not compatible with PyUSB, yet.

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Now this time, let’s see if we can do the same with FTDI (FT232H) IC driving hardware directly without any MCU in between. FT232H/FT2232H MPSSE mode for I2C. Newer FTDI IC s such as FT232H or FT2232H came with MPSSE mode built-in, which can implement common data protocols such as SPI, I2C and more. Our device uses the FTDI D2XX drivers. The Anywhere USB will not maintain a persistent connection to the FTDI USB device over the network. The connection drops intermittently. There are many threads on the forums related to compatibility issues between the AnywhereUSB and FTDI drivers but no solutions are offered.

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D2XX Programmer's Guide Version 1.3 Clearance No.: FTDI# 170 2 Introduction FTDI provides two alternative software interfaces for its range of USB-UART and USB-FIFO ICs. One interface provides a Virtual COM Port (VCP) which appears to the system as a legacy COM port. The second interface, D2XX, is provided via a proprietary DLL (FTD2XX.DLL).

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I tired using the FTDI's FT232R USB to Serial chip for the Bit bang type of application using the D2XX mode driver in Python. The Bit-Bang mode of the FT232R chip is detailed in the FTDI Application note AN232R-01. It was amazingly easy. I did it on my Windows XP laptop. This reminds me of the Parallel port days when we used to make stuff interfaced using the PC's Parallel Port.

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