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to indigenous surnames by utilising onomastic sources from the 15th century and the results showed no ancient M222 in this area of north west England. Another interesting study was reported by Busby and Myres in 2011 which typed M222 in the same Irish samples used several years earlier by Moore alongside samples from Britain and continental ...

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Prior to October, 2017, the data was either uploaded to one of the various Yahoo Haplogroup Projects (R-P312, R-L21, R-DF27 or R-U152) or e-mailed to me directly. This is no longer the case. Use the instructions below to download your data, and then you can upload them to the Y-DNA Data Warehouse. As metadata including ancestral surname, etc ...

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There are at least ten surnames in the R-M222 Haplogroup Projectthat appear to share a common genetic heritage and early history that is suggestive of a Gall Ghaidheil background.

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In fact an examination of the surnames of his shared branch of the R-M222 SNP tree (top panel) reveals that 50% of those surnames are associated with Southwest Scotland, with MacMichael (red arrows) and Grierson (orange arrows) being exclusive to this area (they appear in red font on the Scottish Origenes Surnames map; which means that farmers with those surnames appear nowhere else within Scotland).

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All surnames beginning with G, sorted alphabetically (total individuals): Click on a surname to show matching records. Main surname page | Show all surnames

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Mar 30, 2015 · This is cannot be done by simply assuming one’s last name is also a clan surname. Many Gaelic surnames are not clan surnames and do not relate to historical clans. They are surnames created from Gaelic patronymic naming customs. Many Gaelic surnames did not develop a fixed form until very late, circa 1500s into the 1600s.

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