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This project is developed on python 3.6 and openCV 3.4. GUI is developed on tkinter. If someone find difficulty in running this project, no need to worry sep...

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Using the Raspberry Pi and some additional peripherals, we have designed and built a face recognition system. After choosing the proper face recognition algorithm, another problem we had to solve was how to access the Pi Camera. The Pi Camera is connected to processor via the CSI bus.

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==Already Developed Face Attendance App With Qt on Raspberry Pi==== I have already developed face attendance app by using Qt, so It can be run on Raspberry Pi. Hi I checked your post with title "Face Recognition Attendance Project on raspberry pi".

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The facial recognition attendance system is the apt solution for this shortcoming. It has technological capabilities to recognize faces within seconds and update them in the attendance database. Here is the process involved in face recognition. The process involved in detecting a face in the Face Recognition Attendance system: Capture Video Pi Face - Face Recognition System built On Raspberry Pi ... Attendance system based on Real time Face recognition ...

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Face recognition: The face recognition performed by mapping the face picture onto w-Quartette color, which prepares the picture for the face acknowledgment in an ideal way. fSVD then applied to normalize the mapped picture. Further to extricate the shape descriptors v-HOG is connected to the derived confront picture

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Jan 18, 2019 · Furthermore, the accuracy of palm vein recognition in attendance system proposed in (Bayoumi et al., 2015) was only 78%. Therefore, from the current state of the art of automated attendance system it can be found that face recognition is the best approach to recognize student in an attendance system. Mar 29, 2017 · Automatic attendance system has two stages: Face recognition and face detection. Though there are many efficient algorithms for frontal face detection and recognition when large pose comes into picture most of the developed algorithm fails to detect. Here in this presentation I used two state-of-the-art results to make an automatic attendance system.

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