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This toolkit tells you how to change your name. FORMS ARE INCLUDED. You can use the forms in this toolkit to ask a court to change your name if: You are at least 18 years old. You file a petition asking for a name change in the Texas county where you live.

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On the Settings screen, tap on Notifications. 3. On the Notifications screen, scroll down and tap on the app for which you want to Turn Off push Notifications on iPhone or iPad. 4. On the next screen, scroll down and toggle OFF the option for Show as banners located under Alerts section.

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Toolkit updates. Toolkit checks for updates provided the app is open and the computer is connected to the internet. Toolkit will automatically check for updates in the following events: The computer restarts and Toolkit is relaunched. You quit Toolkit and relaunch Toolkit. 24-hours have elapsed since the last check.

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School officials have a duty of care to protect students; their failure to act despite notification of a problem enhances liability (see sidebar). But schools can (and should!) reduce bullying by teachers and staff members. Recognizing this truth and being willing to take action are difficult but necessary first steps. Then, users must also turn on notifications for Secure Mail for Android. For steps to configure FCM-based push notifications, see Push notifications for Secure Mail. For more details from the Support Knowledge Center, see this article. Other considerations

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Press and hold the Side key to turn the device on. •To turn the device off, open the Notification panel, and tap Power > Power off. Confirm when prompted. •To restart your device, o pen the Notification panel, and tap Power > Restart. Confirm when prompted. TIP You can also turn your device off by pressing the

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The high resale value of smartphones – along with the personal information contained on such devices – make them a prime target for criminals and identity thieves. Nov 24, 2020 · However, Seagate's biggest rival Western Digital believes that using microwave assisted magnetic recording in its drives is a better way to push disk drive capacity levels to 20TB and beyond. One ...

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