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Jul 20, 2012 · Property names based on display names instead of internal names. In contrast to SharePoint Web Services and CSOM, which use internal names of the item fields, ListData.svc uses the display names (with whitespace trimmed). This can cause issues when your user changes the display names of columns or if your user can switch languages in a multilingual SharePoint site (the display names of fields may change).

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So to change the Name of the Column “ Name ” you need to use SharePoint Designer. The first step is to navigate to the SharePoint Library within SharePoint Designer Within the Library summary page click on Edit List Columns within the Customization Artefact. Then there is 3 options to renaming the “Name” column

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Array of column names (internal names) that will be used to attempt to match the user's typed input. Example: If wanting to search the Title, "Job Description" and Notes fields for the value that the user typed in, this field would be set as follows: Prefix File Name with Column Data. The Prefix File Name with Column Data option is valid if you specified the File System download destination. You can append some data to the prefix of the file names to be created by specifying a column to pull data from. This value is optional, but may help prevent potential file name conflicts. Column Prefix

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One of the many out-of-the-box features that come with Document Library Apps in SharePoint 2013 is something called Column Default Value Settings.In this post, I will go through the entire process of moving a series of GDP reports kept over a 3 year period from a File Share in to a Document Library App in Share Point 2013.

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Oct 06, 2012 · 1. Open SharePoint Designer and connect to the SharePoint site. 2. Go to the List and Libraries. 3. Click on the list or the library you want to edit. 4. Click on the name of the view that you want to change (you can change a view of the list or a page that contains a DataView webpart pointing to the list.

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