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Jul 09, 2010 · Summary: The description, specs, pricing, photos and user ratings for the SIG Sauer P232 pistols. Manufacturer’s Description. The SIG Sauer P232 is a semiauto pistol built on either an anodized aluminum alloy frame or a stainless steel frame. It’s chambered in .380 ACP.

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Your Sig Sauer P232 comes with a user manual so check it for information on recommended disassembly and follow the instructions. This lets you access all the parts that became dirty from gun use. 4. Ventilate your area. You want to keep your Sig Sauer P232 to be clean but at the same time your lungs to be clean.

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Recoil Calibration Pak - For Sig P230/P232 contains 1 factory standard recoil spring and 1 each extra power recoil springs in 16 and 18 pounds. Three extra power firing pin springs are also included. SKU 結果的に西ドイツ各州の警察は9mmパラベラム弾の使用に踏み切り、P230は選定から外れている。 このトライアルでは SIG SAUER P225(P6) 、 ワルサーP5 、 H&K P7 が選定され、各州の判断で選択する事になった。

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SIG Sauer P320 Trigger Bar Spring, NEW. This is a new SIG P320 factory trigger bar spring. This will work with all P320s in 9mm, 40SW, 357SIG and 45ACP (non-manual safety and manual safety versions). It is the standard spring that comes in all new P320 pistols. (SIG Part #SPRING-5) Includes: SIG Sauer trigger bar spring, NEW. (Loose, bulk ...

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The Sig P230 and P232 are chambered in 9mm Kurtz (which is German for short), this is better known in the US as.380 ACP. It is also known as 9x17mm, 9mm short and.380 Auto. This is the round the Sig p230 or 232 likely need.

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