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Here at Skillz, we’re constantly working to improve the benefits and perks for our employees. We offer an expansive open workspace, conference rooms, gaming tables, lounge areas, and different gaming consoles to use during breaks.

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CODES (1 days ago) When you deposit $30 you’ll get $30 in bonus cash for the 100% match PLUS $10 in bonus cash for using my promo code for Solitaire Cube (or any other Skillz game) 2F05J for a total of $40 in bonus cash.

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Skill Match Resources have helped thousands of workers like you get the life they want, by getting them the right qualifications in a way that is convenient, as easy as possible and...

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Skillz Gaming was founded relatively recently compared to other providers like Microgaming, by Casey Chafin and Andrew Paradise. Both of them are veterans in the mobile gaming industry owned by Intuit in 2012. They have the headquarters in Boston and San Francisco and launched the Skillz Gaming platform in 2013 on Android with about ten game ...

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