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Sep 29, 2016 · Terraform keeps track of all the resources it already created for this set of configuration files, so it knows your EC2 Instance already exists (notice Terraform says “Refreshing state…” when you run the apply command), and it can show you a diff between what’s currently deployed and what’s in your Terraform code (this is one of the advantages of using a declarative language over a procedural one). The preceding diff shows that Terraform wants to create a single tag called “Name ...

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Over 1000 companies trust and rely on our platform to help them with successful AWS migration and training across their organizations. Our AWS Training Library has a large selection of Learning Paths to get you started with Amazon Web Services through Hands-on Labs, Exams, Quizzes, Courses, Lab Challenges, and Lab Playgrounds.

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Terraform explained in 15 mins | Terraform Tutorial for Beginners. Getting Started with Terraform for Azure: Authentication Demo.Terraform must store state about our managed infrastructure and configuration. Terraform is able to import existing infrastructure. This allows us take resources we've...

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Terraform Module to define an EFS Filesystem (aka NFS). terraform-aws-efs-backup - Terraform module designed to easily backup EFS filesystems to S3 using DataPipeline.

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Terraform variables are a great way to define centrally controlled reusable values and further simplify your infrastructure management.

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